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Semion Treivus aka “SEM!O” was born in russia 1990. In 1992 he immigrated to Israel with his parents and his sister. From the early age he discovered his passion to music and at the age of 10 he played his first gig at his own birthday party with home sound system and handmade lighting show.

At the age of 14 started studying playing the guitar at the Conservatory of the city “Bat yam”. In 2012 he took Djing classes at “BPM College” Tel Aviv. In 2013 He started to work with well known Dj in Israel “Shahar Nagar” and played at Tel Aviv’s local Nightclubs and Bars. That year he returned back to college and took music production classes.

On September 2014 Semion moved to Seattle WA USA , and released his single “Fighting Spirit” on December.“

K&D Records: SEM!O how you describe your music?

SEM!O: The music that I’m making is a based on melodies and emotions from progressive house but with more energy to make people dance.I’m coming from Djing Scene and make my music as much danceable as possible. Im always open to new things and always stay updated with the evolution of EDM.

K&D Records: What kind of music inspires you?

SEM!O: I inspired a lot from W&W and Ummet Ozcan. These guys inspire me to make my music more dynamic by combine emotional melodies with Killing drops.

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