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Aktuelle Informationen rund um Klima&Depping, neue Releases, Konzerte, Partys und Projekte. Hier schreiben wir aber auch über neue oder interessante Instrumente und Plugins sowie alles was uns beim Musik machen beschäftigt.

Out now: Astral Twinns 4th Moon EP

With the long awaited release of their EP “4th Moon”, Astral Twinns have exceeded their expectations in creating a uniquely diverse and energy filled compilation of rhythms and melodies. This EP will please your ears and feet, hitting the full spectrum of soft progressive and hard hitting dance floor beats. If you liked this duo before then you will definitely like what they have brought to you in their latest work.

Here are some links to the shops and streaming services:

beatport   itunes   amazon   spotify   deezer   juno   google

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Audio Spliff now on K&D Records

Aaron Dodd aka Audio Spliff is an emerging dj/producer from Brisbane, Australia. A constant evolving talent, bringing his own hands up, slick, street style with a self taught repartee of mixing skills since 2009 and stepping into producing from 2012.

Filling everything with bouncing basement hyped bass-lines, hands up party fever synths and booty shakin drums, 2015 has been a big stepping stone, bringing forth his debut single ‚Klub Smoke‘ which is soon to be release via K&D Records (Germany) and available on all major services worldwide. Here you can find a pre version of the track, enjoy!

Taking in cues from the vibes within the room, a skill refined by playing weekend after weekend at local clubs and parties, plays an invaluable role, ensuring confidence to control and fill a dance floor. Aside from his ability, comes passion, involving as many audience types and variations in his mix, with his own party ready edits, mash-ups and unreleased originals, adding personal flavor and keeping each set progressing forward and unique. The dance floor is assured to create an exciting new buzz amist any venue.

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Witch – RAGE-ING-X Remix (Remix Contest Winner)

The last week we are going through some extensive judging on the entries for the remix contest of “Witch” and we selected the winner. Many talented producers out there and we had a lot of fun hearing all the great work!

The winner is:
RAGE-ING-X from Willis, Texas


K&D Records will release the remix together with the original track in July 2015.

As always, of course:
Hear, enjoy and feel free to share/like!

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This Is JungleBourne – JohnSick Remix (Remix Contest Winner)

After going through some extensive judging on the entries for the remix contest of „This Is JungleBourne“ we select the winner. Many talented producers out there and we had a lot of fun hearing all the great work!

But there can only be one winner! And the winner is: JohnSick from Portland/USA


K&D Records will release the remix by JohnSick as first track on the This Is JungleBourne Remix EP on 4th July 2015.

As always, of course:
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SEM!O now on K&D Records

Semion Treivus aka “SEM!O” was born in russia 1990. In 1992 he immigrated to Israel with his parents and his sister. From the early age he discovered his passion to music and at the age of 10 he played his first gig at his own birthday party with home sound system and handmade lighting show.

At the age of 14 started studying playing the guitar at the Conservatory of the city “Bat yam”. In 2012 he took Djing classes at “BPM College” Tel Aviv. In 2013 He started to work with well known Dj in Israel “Shahar Nagar” and played at Tel Aviv’s local Nightclubs and Bars. That year he returned back to college and took music production classes.

On September 2014 Semion moved to Seattle WA USA , and released his single “Fighting Spirit” on December.“

K&D Records: SEM!O how you describe your music?

SEM!O: The music that I’m making is a based on melodies and emotions from progressive house but with more energy to make people dance.I’m coming from Djing Scene and make my music as much danceable as possible. Im always open to new things and always stay updated with the evolution of EDM.

K&D Records: What kind of music inspires you?

SEM!O: I inspired a lot from W&W and Ummet Ozcan. These guys inspire me to make my music more dynamic by combine emotional melodies with Killing drops.

As always, of course,:
Hear, enjoy and feel free to share/like!

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Astral Twinns – This is JungleBourne Remix Contest

Astral Twinns and K&D Records decide to run a remix contest for the track „This Is JungleBourne“. The winning remix will be released on K&D Records.


The original track

Track info
Tempo: 128 BPM
Key: B minor

All you have to do is:

  1. Download the stems from this soundcloud playlist CLOSED
  2. Remix the track
  3. Upload your remix to this soundcloud group CLOSED
  4. Name you remix like this:
    Astral Twinns – This is JungleBourne – Remix Name (Your Name)
  5. Disable downloads
  6. Use this cover for your remix

The cover
Klick to enlarge the cover.

End of submission:
28th February 2015 CLOSED

End of voting:
15th March 2015

End of judging:
31th March 2015

Playlist with all remixes in the contest:

Here are some links to the shops and streaming services:

beatport   itunes   amazon   spotify   deezer   juno   google

As always, of course,:
Hear, enjoy and feel free to share/like!
Astral Twinns – This is JungleBourne Remix Contest weiterlesen

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Warum der Wechsel zu Soundcloud?

Wie euch sicher schon aufgefallen ist, posten wir seit Anfang des Jahres nur noch bei Soundcloud. Warum haben wir Mixcloud verlassen? Um es gleich am Anfang zu sagen, wir werden auch in Zukunft weiter bei Mixcloud posten. Da die Regeln bei Mixcloud jedoch das Posten von einzelnen Tracks verbieten werden wir ab jetzt nur noch DJ Mixe von Musik unserer Künstler auf Mixcloudveröffentlichen.

Für alle die es interessiert hier noch die Begründung von der Mixcloud Seite:

„Mixcloud is a platform for radio. We accept all types of radio content including talk & music radio shows, DJ mixes and Podcasts in MP3, AAC, M4A, MP4 audio or OGG file types.

Mixcloud has blanket radio licensing deals with various collecting societies around the world. This means that users can upload shows or mixes with songs from any catalogue and we pay royalties to the artists and publishers that are streamed.

Mixcloud does not allow the upload of single tracks or albums. Our radio licenses allow us to host radio shows and DJ mixes, but do not cover single tracks, and our focus is on building a platform for radio presenters, DJs and curators.“

Für euch ändert sich nicht viel, da wir natürlich weiterhin alle neuen Tracks hier auf unserer Seite posten werden. Wer einfach nur mal in die Tracks reinhören möchte kann uns auf Soundcloud direkt besuchen.

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Klima&Depping – Beat Bazar

In den letzten Tagen haben Klima&Depping wieder viel Zeit im Studio verbracht. Dabei ist dieser Track entstanden.

Das Riff hat uns stark an türkisch/orientalischen Sound erinnert, so sind wir auf den Namen Beat Bazar gekommen. Der Track ist noch nicht fertig ausgearbeitet, zeigt aber schon deutlich sein Potenzial. Wir würden sagen der Track geht so in Richtung Goa/Psytrance.

Über eure Kommentare auf Soundcloud freuen wir uns sehr. Schreibt uns was euch an unseren Tracks besonders gefällt oder was eben nicht.

Wie immer gilt natürlich:
Hear, enjoy and feel free to share/like

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Klima&Depping in den Charts

Viele der Tracks die wir auf veröffentlicht haben sind dort in den Charts. Oft sogar in den Top 10, damit hätten wir nicht gerechnet! Danke für eure tolle Unterstützung!

Auf dieser Seite listen wir alle Tracks die es auf in die Charts geschafft haben. Weiter unten findet ihr eine Playlist mit all unseren „Chartbreakern“ auf Viel Spaß beim Hören und wie immer gilt:

Hear, enjoy and share/like

Leider hat Mixcloud es untersagt einzelne Tracks hoch zu laden, daher werden wir ab 2015 keine einzelnen Tracks mehr auf Mixcloud veröffentlichen. Wir bedauern das sehr und werden unsere Tracks ab jetzt auf Soundcloud hochladen. Für euch ändert sich nichts, wir binden weiterhin alle neuen Tracks hier auf der Seite ein. Nur auf die Charts müssen wir nun leider verzichten.

Don´t Care

PlatzChart auf Mixcloud
1.Dub Techno
1.Minimal Tech House
23.Progressive House

DEXX – Higgs Bosom

PlatzChart auf Mixcloud
1.Dub Techno
9.Electro House
22.Progressive House

Gold Skunk – Progressive Mix

PlatzChart auf Mixcloud
2.Goa Psy Trance
6.Dub Techno

Sagittarius A

PlatzChart auf Mixcloud
14.Dub Techno
58.Progressive Trance

Xavier Rudd – Follow The Sun / Alexander Depping Edit

PlatzChart auf Mixcloud

North Coast – Alien Voice Remix feat. Frei Beuter

PlatzChart auf Mixcloud
34.Dub Techno
36. Minimal Tech House

North Coast

PlatzChart auf Mixcloud
21.Minimal Tech House
28.Dub Techno

Urban Guerillas

PlatzChart auf Mixcloud
8.Dutch House


PlatzChart auf Mixcloud
46.Indie Rock

Gold Skunk

PlatzChart auf Mixcloud
53.Indie Rock

Green Dreams

PlatzCharts auf Mixcloud
23.Dub Techno
26.Reggae Dancehall


PlatzChart auf Mixcloud
19.Minimal Tech House
23.Dub Techno
82.Minimal Techno

Pogo 61

PlatzChart auf Mixcloud
22.Dub Techno
21.Minimal Tech House

Katun 4

PlatzChart auf Mixcloud
20.Dub Techno
27.Minimal Tech House

Traveling Planet

PlatzChart auf Mixcloud
16.Dub Techno
16.Minimal Tech House
56.Minimal Techno

Solar Dubbing

PlatzChart auf Mixcloud
17.Dub Trechno
18.Minimal Tech House

Brain Dub

PlatzChart auf Mixcloud
17.Dub Techno
22.Minimal Tech House
50.Minimal Techno

Massive Flow

PlatzChart auf Mixcloud

Get Action

PlatzChart auf Mixcloud
29.Minimal Tech House

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K&D Records now on Beatport

Lange haben wir daran gearbeitet auch auf Beatport gelistet zu sein. Nun ist der erste Release von K&D Records auf Beatport erhältlich. Die EP „The Calling“ von den Astral Twinns aus Seattle. Weitere Releases werden in nächster Zeit folgen.

Hier der Link direkt auf unsere Beatport Label Seite.

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