About Klima&Depping

Klima&Depping the electronic music project of Malte Klima aka MadGamble and Alexander Depping aka Dalex.

Klima&Depping are two long term producers from Germany based in Hamburg. They are understanding electronic music in a native way.

If you expected Psy-Trance – don’t be disappointed – it’s so much more than that. With its twisted analog sounds, it feels more like a fast moving, experimental sound, with new impressions that sound like wide open space only filled to the point. Most tracks are instrumental, a leading timeless drum sound, mixed with modern and sometimes industrial sounds, make for a pleasant contrast. Solid oldschool style meets futuristic lounge: an universe that sounds like discovering the depths of electronic music.



Malte Klima (MadGamble) started being a DJ 1988 in Kassel (Germany) at KUNSTBUNKER, one of the first locations for electronic music in Germany. He was impressed by the electronic music of Human League, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, DAF, New Order and the upcoming EBM and ACID-HOUSE scene. In 1990 he changed to the SPOT in Kassel a legendery underground club of the 80s and 90s in Germany.

In 1994 when the new TECHNO scene started in Frankfurt he moved to FFM and began to produce his own electronic music. He buy´s Cubase, the Novation BassStation and a Roland 909. He performed his tracks on many events in the next jears.

1996 Malte moved to Göttingen and began making music with Alexander Depping and friends.

1998 he moved to Hamburg because of the electronic music scene.

Since 2000 he produce in his own studio electronic music and start to combine DJing with live performed elements.


Alexander Depping (Dalex) began listening to electronic music as Jean Michel Jarre, synth-pop (specially Omd and New Order), Koto, Laserdance and Kitaro at the age of 14. After a short punkrock experience he went to his first Goa-Trance party

in 1995 and realized that he found his passion.
In 1996 he started to produce music with Malte Klima and some friends.

In the beginning they used an atari ST, doepfer 404, boss drum machine and a roland sampler. later devices like: supernova, nord lead, proteus, novation bass station, microwave and others followed.

electronic music is our passion