Astral Twinns

Both coming from different backgrounds Trevor (27, USA) and Lucas (23, BRA) ended up finding many similar paths that led them to form „Astral Twinns“.


Lucas started working for marketing companies, while running his own entertainment company which specialized in hosting private and public entertainment events.

Trevor started teaching dance lessons in college and after he got out he taught for several years until later starting his own online marketing company. During this time Trevor also started promoting his own events and ended up meeting Lucas through these endeavors.

The two had the same passion and understanding for music and dance so it only made sense for them to join their musical knowledge and marketing backgrounds to introduce „Astral Twinns“ to the world.

Coming out of Seattle, these two are very promising producers/DJ’s in today’s EDM scene. This duo’s future looks bright; with the release of their new EP „The Calling“ they have quickly been gaining popularity and support from around the world.

With both artists having an extensive dance background they have been able to create a very distinctive sound based on creative rhythms, melodic progressions and bass that drives the dance floor. When it comes to styles these two prefer to blur the lines, pulling elements from all kinds of music. „Astral Twinns“ have developed a sound that ties electro, trance and progressive house, appealing to a wide range of artists and EDM fans.


When listening to their music you may hear influences stemming from all across the board; artists such as Eric Prydz, Revolvr, Leventina, and of course Mikkas. These two don’t seem to be slowing down at all so keep you eyes and ears peeled for many more tracks and performances.

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