Fckng Hands Up by AUDIO SPLIFF

Here is one of Audio Spliff´s new tracks from the studio. Just a short preview but with much power.

Aaron Dodd aka Audio Spliff is an emerging dj/producer from Brisbane, Australia. A constant evolving talent, bringing his own hands up, slick, street style with a self taught repartee of mixing skills since 2009 and stepping into producing from 2012.

Taking in cues from the vibes within the room, a skill refined by playing weekend after weekend at local clubs and parties, plays an invaluable role, ensuring confidence to control and fill a dance floor. Aside from his ability, comes passion, involving as many audience types and variations in his mix, with his own party ready edits, mash-ups and unreleased originals, adding personal flavor and keeping each set progressing forward and unique. The dance floor is assured to create an exciting new buzz amist any venue.

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