Out now: Witch by Semio & Elan

The new Single „Witch“ is a collaboration between Semion Treivus aka SEMIO and Alan Valtonen aka ELAN. This track is made for the dance floor to make the people dance. They wanted to write a track that had a little more club focus, but not lose that sense of song, so they kept these track kind of simple.

This release includes the remix by RAGE-INC-X the winner of our remix contest. If you enjoy his remix please like, share and follow RAGE-ING-X on Facebook.


The music that I’m making is a based on melodies and emotions from progressive house but with more energy to make people dance.I’m coming from Djing Scene and make my music as much danceable as possible. Im always open to new things and always stay updated with the evolution of EDM.


Alan Valtonen aka ELAN was born in Valga Estonia in 1993. Now he is living in the city of Tallinn in Estonia. Since 2009 he is part of the european EDM scene and played on festivals, in clubs and radio shows.

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